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Million Dollar Body - Unified Lifestyle Series Finale
February 01, 2012 02:45 PM PST
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Grant details how to design a comprehensive exercise, nutrition and lifestyle program.

Hilary Swank joins Grant to reminisce about preparing for her Academy award-winning role Million Dollar Baby, and how adopting the Unified Lifestyle has changed her life.

Lifelong Habits: Pills or Pride...You Decide
January 23, 2012 06:33 PM PST
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Pharmaceutical sales are BIG business.. Insulin and Cholesterol reducing drugs are sold in the Billion$ annually.
Is there an alternative to lifelong drug dependency?

Drug companies develop pills for every problem, but there are also problems with every pill, especially pills that are not cure but lucrative lifelong pseudo solutions with plenty of risk factors. Grant explores two examples explaining Type 2 diabetes and Cholesterol lowering statins.

Also Grant provides seven (7) solutions to reduce post exercise soreness.

No Brain No Gain – Training Your Brain to Stick With a Fitness Lifestyle
January 18, 2012 06:34 AM PST
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No Brain No Gain – Training Your Brain to Stick With a Fitness Lifestyle

It’s that time of year when decisions are made to start a fitness plan ... and frequently thereafter deciding to return to a sedentary lifestyle... why? Tune in to this episode for more tips on sticking with a unified lifestyle

Joining Grant is Harvard Professor Dr. John Ratey author of Spark – Dr. Ratey addresses the revolutionary new science of supercharging the human brain through exercise.

New You Revolution 2012
January 11, 2012 05:09 PM PST

It’s that time of year where millions of people decide to go on a diet, usually drastically cut back on food, or the start an exercise program without professional guidance and typically start out with an equally unsustainable plan or worst of all combine the concepts of diet and exercise with the vague at best advice of eating less and exercising more that inevitably ends in frustration, burning out and a better luck next year attitude.

Q & A and Dr. Michael Roizen
November 06, 2011 12:08 PM PST

Ask Celebrity Trainer, Nutritionist amd Lifestyle Coach Grant Roberts Your Fitness Lifestyle questions or Just Listen In


Dr. Michael Roizen
Co-author with Dr. OZ - You - The Insiders Guide to the Body That Will Make You Healthier and Younger

Topics include: The Dr. Oz Million Dollar You Transformation Nation

Marion Nestle author of Food Politics - October 29th
October 30, 2011 09:28 AM PDT

Grant welcomes Marion Nestle author of Food Politics and nutrition expert to the Unified Lifestyle Radio Show.

Hear firsthand from Marion a former Health and Human Services nutritional policy advisor how Food Politics and the food industry influence: policy, labeling, nutritional guidelines and ultimately how we eat.

October 27, 2011 09:19 AM PDT

This weeks show is in response to you the listener, asking questions and commenting about the Dr. Oz Million Dollar You – Transformation Nation sponsored by Weightwatchers™

Is it right for you?

Grant is joined by Weightwatchers™ expert answering your questions and along with grant’s comments what he thinks is right… and where he thinks there is room for improvement in the Dr. Oz / Weightwatchers™ … FAT loss challenge (that was a hint)

The United State of Obesity - October 15th
October 20, 2011 01:30 PM PDT

Grant welcomes his guest, former US Secretary of Health and Human Services, 2008 Presidential candidate and 2012 Gubernatorial candidate: Tommy Thompson.

Topic to include:
Obesity in America
USDA Nutritional Guidelines
Best Methods to Gauge Health


Cattle expert Ted Slanker discusses: the nutritional difference between grass fed and grain fed beef?

October 9th - Audience Q & A special
October 09, 2011 06:15 PM PDT

Ask Celebrity Trainer, Nutritionist amd Lifestyle Coach
Grant Roberts Your Fitness Lifestyle questions or Just Listen In


Medical Director Dr. Dan Johnston,
US Army Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program at the Pentagon
Discusses Troop Fitness and Conditioning

October 2, 2011 - Education Special
October 03, 2011 02:24 PM PDT

What is the key to increased brain power?

This back to school special program may surprise you. These tricks aren’t just for kids, the science clearly shows the advice works for all students of life. From ages 1 to over 100, we can all benefit from a little more brain power… so tune in.

Education is this topic on this weeks Grant Roberts Unified Lifestyle Radio Show.

Learning isn’t just for kids… This show was inspired as a commentary and provides science based solution to the national concern regarding issue of improved education following the events of this past week

The Education Nation Summit held in New York City


The Presidents Back to School Speech – Washington DC September 28, 2011

President Obama provides a few words from a previous speech describing the concerns and need for all Americans regardless of age to continue learning.

Grant and his guests provide science based solutions to the education crisis, Grant’s guests include

Paul Zientarski and education specialist and creator of LearningReadinessPE


Harvard Professor Dr. John Ratey and author of ‘Spark’ The Revolutionary New Science of exercise and the Brain.

Tune in this Sunday October2nd  2011 at 5:00 pm PST,  from the KABC studios in Los Angeles or listen  via live streaming internet / or smart phone device or podcast at www.unifiedlfestyle.com/radio

The information contained in this show will provide listeners with advice on improving brainpower and the methods to enhance learning, memory and improved brain function regardless of age

If you would like to watch the 15 minute mini documentary featuring inspiring stories from the Teacher, Dr. John Ratey and the students that took participated in the Jog Your Memory program created by Grant Roberts and his foundation Healthy Student Bodies  click the following link to watch: Jog Your Memory Mini-Documentary

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